Add To Your Ecommerce Conversion with Mobile Friendly Design

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Published: 03rd May 2013
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A substantial number of users make use of their phones to browse the Internet. Naturally for the ecommerce stores it become important to have a mobile friendly design. In 2012 mobile devices accounted for more than 11% of the online sales globally or in simple words mobile devices account for more than a dollar in every 10 dollar of ecommerce revenue. These figures donít include the users who make their choice on their smartphones and carry out the transactions using their desktops or laptops. With the figures expected to double in a couple of year mobile devices a force to reckon with for an online store owner.
Traditionally many online stores created a mobile optimized website but these days they rather focus on creating mobile friendly designs. The top online stores in the world have already started creating mobile friendly design and even small store owners are following suit. In this write-up we shall look at some of ways in which you can enhance mobile friendliness of your online store and add to your sales and revenue.

Go for A Responsive Design
There are hundreds of smartphones and tablets in the market with different screen sizes and resolutions. Optimizing your online store for each and every device is impossible. Rather you need to opt for a responsive design that has fluid grid structure and flexible images which react to the userís device and environment. This ensures that the user will enjoy the same kind of experience on your online store irrespective of where he or she uses a desktop or a smartphone. Responsive design is one of the biggest revolutionary way development techniques to have come out in the last few years.

Sync With The Desktop Site
Even though responsive site will synch a userís activities with the desktop version of the site it is worth a mention. As discussed in the introduction many users choose products on their smartphones and checkout using the desktop version of the site. Thus all their activities such as Ďadding to the cartí or Ďadding to the wish listí should be synced with the desktop version of the store. This will help you increase the conversion rate of your store substantially.

Donít Cramp The Content
This is one mistake that many online store managers make. In a bid to offer the same experience to the mobile users they want to offer all the content that is there on their desktop version. You need to understand the psychology of the visitor using a mobile device. He/she comes to your website to shop for products rather than to simply browse on your store. To best cater their needs you need to highlight all the essential sections of your online store in the home screen. Offer only the products the users are looking for rather than sections such as related products and other essential links. This will help you keep the site clutter free and enhance the conversation rate.

Make the Touch Targets Big
So far we have been used to websites that were designed keeping in mind the desktop users and hence were difficult to browse on the mobile devices. One of the biggest hurdles was with clicking on the links. In mobile devices the visitors will make use of their fingers as opposed to using a keyboard and a mouse. So the touch targets should be larger to offer them better experience. The target areas should also have large margin between the different targets to make browsing comfortable.
A mobile friendly ecommerce design is the need of the hour if you want to stay competitive in the market. It will help you edge out your rivals.

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